Auntie Anne’s Caption Contest

Posted by Taylor Conroy on  November 21, 2016 |

What’s this pup at the Auntie Anne’s counter thinking?

Submit a caption in the comments on this post to be entered to win an Auntie Anne’s t-shirt and three free pretzel cards! The contest closes Friday, November 25 at 5 p.m. ET. Two winners will be chosen at random on November 28.

One entry per person, please.

See official contest rules for details.

19 comments on “Auntie Anne’s Caption Contest”
  1. MICHELLE HAHN | | Reply

    Drop it…drop it…drop it… *drool*

  2. Angela Braden | | Reply

    Come on drop it on the floor, please drop it on The floor…pretzel drop please

  3. Jose Ponciano | | Reply

    Wheres the receipt cause im gunNa tear this DELICIOUS pretzel up ..

  4. James Russell | | Reply

    Oooooooooooo I hope there’s extra pepperoni on mine

  5. Jonah bryant | | Reply

    Does this one come with….peaNut butter?

  6. Noah | | Reply

    “i woNder if they Have a peanut butter pretzel…”

  7. Emily | | Reply

    Look away… Look away… so i can take it and run

  8. Lauren SheltOn | | Reply

    Can I get a cup of PUPperoni Pretzel Bites to go?

  9. Aneliese | | Reply

    I wonder if they Have bacon flavored pretzels…

  10. Endy | | Reply

    I found my new squeaky toy! Can you say PRETZEL!

  11. Sherry petriella | | Reply

    Ho many bones for an Auntie Anne’s PRetzel?

  12. michelle White | | Reply

    i need one for Me and My girlfriend

  13. Ping | | Reply

    Can i have a pretzel cat please?

  14. Derrick | | Reply

    I want more. You mean lady!!!

  15. Brooke | | Reply

    If i sit here and look innocent, i will get the best food in the world!!!!

  16. Julie | | Reply

    I think your oven is on fire…..might wanna go check on it… i can grab it and run!!!!

  17. Stan | | Reply

    I’m about to make my day!

  18. Camille McCorkle-Bodiford | | Reply

    I’m about to lose control

  19. vicki salvatore | | Reply



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