General Update

October 7, 2016

Right now, Auntie Anne’s around the U.S. are serving up Pepperoni Pretzel Nuggets. These bite-size snacks are perfect for a quick meal. We compiled a list to show you how our delicious Pepperoni Pretzel Nuggets help save you time (time you can use to savor your treat)! But be quick; they’re […]

September 23, 2016

Feeling a little bummed about the end of summer? Us too.
But thanks to our fruity lemonade mixers, you don’t have to feel sad for too long. These delicious drinks come in five flavors (strawberry, cherry, mango, blue raspberry, and peach) and have the power to make you feel like you’re back on t […]

September 14, 2016

With the new iOS10 update comes new emojis. Seems they forgot a pretzel emoji…again.
Don’t fret about the lack of pretzels in your text messages! Here at Auntie Anne’s we’ve created our own set of stickers for all of your lemonade and soft pretzel needs. We’ve even included our limited ti […]

April 26, 2016

It’s National PRETZEL DAY!
We celebrate the pretzel every day. Today, the nation joins us.
Time to Pretzel!
If you’re a My Pretzel Perks member, you’re enjoying the perks of exclusive membership – a deliciously free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel offer. Also, as a loyalty member, you may be o […]

March 20, 2016

Time to deal with Spring.
You know how we deal with it? Two words: Pretzel and dog.
… Time to take a walk, ain’t it?
You are officially encouraged to put your sunglasses on and proceed to your favorite Auntie Anne’s Pretzels location. ‘Cause life’s too short n […]

March 15, 2016

We’re on @Snapchat! Make sure you add AuntieAnnesSnap for even more #PretzelPerfection!
— Auntie Anne’s (@AuntieAnnes) March 13, 2016

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February 24, 2016

The Pepperoni Pretzel, Marinara Dip, and Sprite make a perfect combo! Show us a photo of yours using #MyPerfectCombo for a chance to win a Free Pretzel Card! (Official Rules:

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February 12, 2016

We believe this time of year can be delightful with or without romantic love. For love does come in many forms. Our favorite just happens to be shaped like a pretzel.
What’s Your Favorite Auntie Anne’s Pretzel?

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January 1, 2016

A new year. A new you.
Do what’s delicious.

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December 3, 2015


Looking for some festive fun? Our holiday activity generator can give you some fun, new, winter ideas! #BakingSpiritsBright Psst! Did you know? If you post a photo of yourself in a Santa suit to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and tag Auntie Anne’s using the hashtag #Snack4Santa, you can ea […]

October 28, 2015

What costume?

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September 9, 2015

Fall is just around the corner! The leaves will be changing into their beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows, sweaters will start to make their way back into your wardrobes, and those delightful fall flavors will once again hit the taste buds of all those who enjoy it.
Fall is such a cozy time of yea […]

September 1, 2015

Did you know?
September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Every single year, an estimated 263,000 new cases of cancer affect children under the age of 20 worldwide. This equals about 720 kids that are affected every day. Often times we think of cancer as being only one disease, but that […]

August 27, 2015

And, there you have it.
One of our favorite reasons to stop by and pick up Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.
Happy National #JustBecauseDay.

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August 3, 2015

Today is the start of Auntie Anne’s fourth annual fundraising campaign for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation!
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) shares the vision of founder and creator, Alexandra “Alex” Scott, finding a cure for children with cancer. Alex was diagn […]

July 28, 2015

For a lot of us, Back-to-School signifies a time when the fundraising season enters high gear.
No matter what you’re raising money for (a sports team, school group, nonprofit, or a cause), Auntie Anne’s has a fun and mouth-watering offer to help you reach your goal.

Auntie Anne’ […]