Free Pretzel Prizes – A National Pretzel Day Exclusive

Posted by Chas Kurtz on  April 26, 2016 |

It’s National PRETZEL DAY!

We celebrate the pretzel every day. Today, the nation joins us.

Time to Pretzel!

If you’re a My Pretzel Perks member, you’re enjoying the perks of exclusive membership – a deliciously free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel offer. Also, as a loyalty member, you may be one of five lucky people who will win free pretzels for a year.

To further celebrate #nationalpretzelday we’re asking you to share your Auntie Anne’s stories with us in the comments below.

What’s your Auntie Anne’s Story? 

Tell us in the comments below and you could win some seriously sweet pretzel swag. Tell us about your first visit, your favorite pretzel, or what Auntie Anne’s means to you. We’d love to hear your stories, and we have some sweet pretzel swag to share as a reward!

Throughout the day today, we’ll be selecting and announcing winners from those who comment below. One entry per person please. Full contest details here.

Will your name be selected? … Comment and find out!

  • Our 12:00 p.m. EDT winner is: Talia Rudahl
  • Our 2:00 p.m. EDT winner is: Merrilee Carlson
  • Our (2) 4:00 p.m. EDT winners are: Starr Wells & Skye Randazzo
  • Our (2) 6:00 p.m. EDT winners are: Lisa (who loves the original!) & Tim Frey 
  • Our (5) 8:00 p.m. EDT winners are: Colleen Gal, Nicole T, Luanna Williams, Tiffany Farver, and Mariel Rutano

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you everyone for playing. We hope you had fun time sharing your stories and your favorite pretzels with us. We sure enjoy sharing our favorite pretzels with all of you. HaPpY National Pretzel Day!


Note: Comments not relating to the comment contest and giveaway are subject to deletion. If you have a customer care need please contact us so we can help.

425 comments on “Free Pretzel Prizes – A National Pretzel Day Exclusive”
    • Nika | | Reply

      My favorite PRETZEL is original. Its so good with the cream cheese dipping sauce.

    • Chad | | Reply

      The pretzel bites are the hit here ! great traditional pretzel flavor and leaves hands free for working!

    • Karen | | Reply

      I love when the pretzels are freshly baked and the butter is dripping off them.

    • Shontel | | Reply

      My favorite pretzel Would have to Be the original pretzel. Its just so soft and buttery, and it goes perfect with all of the Dips they offer. You can get a news pretzel everytime you get the original— and my favorite moMent is Switching it up eveRytime i go. Some days i like cheese or mArinara, and some i’ll Go with A Sweet glaze dip. i love sharing a pretzel with my grandmother whenever we go on an outting.

    • Jasmine | | Reply

      My favorite pretzel is the Almond pretzel. Its a gReat flavor and its not too sweet. It is perfection.

    • Melory Lindo | | Reply

      I’ve been eating auntie Anne’s now for 13yrs,that’s when I started to eat it when I was pregnant and haven’t stop since. I love my raisin pretzel,delicious!!

    • Jen m | | Reply

      My favortie pretzel is cinnamon sugar shared with My 2 kids. Cant get throug a mall without them begging. Little Do they know i alteady had that planned 🙂

    • BARBARA | | Reply

      My favorite pretzels are the nUggeTs get a lot so you can share a little 😉

    • Sean | | Reply


    • LILLIBETH sintos | | Reply

      Me and my Almond pretzel forever witH a blUeberry lemonadE!

    • andrew | | Reply

      My favorite PRETZEL is original. yum.

    • Tracey Manoviec | | Reply

      My favorite pretzel is the original with spicy mustard dip!

    • Ollie | | Reply

      the ORIGINAL preTzel is elite.

    • Sabrina | | Reply

      I was never a pretzel fan until I discovered the Original pretzel at an AuntieAnne’s in the local mall. I always thought they were flavorless and way too salty. The Original pretzel is just the opposite. Now, I’m addicted. I stop by there almost every Friday for a lunchtime treat. The Original pretzel goes great with some dijon mustard.

    • Kelly | | Reply

      My favorite is the jalepeno pretzel with the cheese dipping sauce…. yum!!

    • TINA | | Reply


    • Heather | | Reply

      Pretzel dog

    • yOLANDA | | Reply

      A pepperoni pretzel with cheese makes my mouth water and my tummy growl!

    • laurie dempsie | | Reply

      My favorite is the original with cream cheese dip!

    • Ty smith | | Reply

      The cinnamon sugar pretzle dipped in cream cheese? Ah, yes! My all time favorite! Perfect amount of sweetness!

    • KFehl | | Reply

      No need to mess with a great thing!! Original is the best pretzel!!!

    • Carole | | Reply

      My favorite PRETZEL is original. Its so good with the cheese dipping sauce and extra salt

    • KriSten | | Reply

      Original is best! So buttery and salty. Just perfect.

    • Luann lewis | | Reply

      Oh man… I love the original pretzel with just a touch of salt!! I dont need any dip, any sauce, any junk – just gimme the pretzel and some time to savor the bites… Bit by bit! They’re great when youre wandering around in the summer or huddling against the cold in the winter. Mmmm i’m making myself hungry right now!

    • Becky Meadows | | Reply

      My local mall has my favorite cinnamon pretzel, and i love them warm and soft out the oven!

    • William | | Reply

      Auntie anne’s pretzels are simply heaven and so delicious!

    • Q Lim | | Reply

      The kids and I love the bitEs. We would always fight for the last pieces wHich i then ended up buying another one

    • Skye Randazzo | | Reply

      I Love both the original pretzel with marinara sauce, And the cinnamon sugar pretzel with the sweet glaze. They are always the best part of the day!

      • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply


        Congrats, Skye! And, thanks for sharing. You’re a winner. HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

    • deb kerr | | Reply


    • Vickie S. | | Reply

      I love the original with extra salt and dipped in Mustard!! Yummy to the tummy!! : )

    • Diane Wynne | | Reply

      I like the original, but love cinnamon sugar

    • Tabitha | | Reply

      I love the cinnamon sugar pretzel – its so good!

    • elle williams | | Reply

      I love auntie anne’s, especially the almond pretzel. it’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty and the most unique flavor from all pretzel places. auntie anne’s has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years now. in fact, it’s one of the only reasons i go to a mall these days! nothing brings a smile to my face like an auntie anne’s pretzel! 🙂

    • Angela Carbone | | Reply

      Original is still my favorite… nothing like going to the mall and smelling some deliciousness!

    • KeNdra S | | Reply

      I absolutely love aLl the pretzels. The cinnamon with icing the original with Cheese
      Sauce and the pizza With MARINARA they are all awesome i get one almost everyday Before i go ti work in thr mall. Hard to not stop by ams snag one. Plus its cool to try a different FLAVORED lemonade with each one.

    • Maureen Townsend | | Reply

      I may be a bit boring but I’ll take original any day.

    • Megan Schaaf | | Reply

      I lije the original w k th cheese!!! Yum!!!!

    • Kathleen | | Reply

      My favorite is the jalapeno pretzel

    • GemYong | | Reply

      Auntie Anne’s mean a lot to me because it’s #the Spot. I enjoy growing up eating my favorite cinnamon Pretzel and even those times My Family and I go out looking forward to filling points on the Pretzel perks card where you can stamp them.

    • Savana odom | | Reply

      My forever favorite pretzel will be the cinnamon sugar! EscpeciaLly the Bites. My memories of auntie anne’s consist of everytime (since i was 8) i went to the mall my mom and sister and we would stop by auntie anne’s for one of those deliciously fresh pretzels. Its kind of a family tradiTion made on auntie anne’s!

    • Levi Reese | | Reply

      Cinammon! Also, tell that person running the Social media Accounts thag they are doing an excep job!

      -your Home boy, levi

    • Alicia Oehler | | Reply

      My favorite memory of auntie Anne’s is when my husband first shared one with me. I thought for some crazy reason that I didn’t like pretzels. Since then i’ve been hooked and inevitably find my way to your store every time I’m in the mall!

    • Brett Powell | | Reply

      i consider myself a pretzel CONNOISSEUR & i love a great soft pretzel, in its most simplistic form. water, salt, flour & yeast. pure perfection in a salty, doughy combination that I always will indulge on.

    • Andrew Brenner | | Reply

      I love the original pretzel. It’s sweet, but not overly so. It’s not overly messy EITHER.

    • Ana | | Reply

      Definitely the cinnamon sugar! Can’t beat a tasty hot pretzel with cinnamon & sugar on it. On my way to get one now! 🙂

    • taquela | | Reply

      My favorite from Auntie Annie’s are the mini pretzel dogs. Mmmm mmmm good! Lol

    • Jocelyn | | Reply

      My first Pretzel was a cup of your dippers! I love how i can Easily eat them on the gO.

    • Sebrine ChapPEll | | Reply

      I absolutely love auntie anne’s original pretzel bites with cream cheese dipping sauce! They are delicious and convEnient! Every time my kids and i go to the Mall we have to have auntie anne’s! My son and i love the original and my daughter lives the ciNnamon sugar! The aroma fIlls the mall and we can’t help but stop and get some every time!! Yum!

    • Pancy | | Reply

      my first experience was buying an original pretzel for my child then after we are always experimenting the different flavor. can’t believe we have been patronizing aunty anne’s pretzel for 20 years now. my all time favorite is the onion and sour cream while my child’s is jalapeno pretzels, of course dad still prefers the original with different dipping sauce. Way to go aunty anne’s pretzel 🙂

    • Erica | | Reply

      Best pretzel ever…pepperoni n cheese

    • LaTia Bryant | | Reply

      It is tough to choose, but i really love Raisin Pretzels with or without icing dipping sauce.

    • Teah | | Reply

      My favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar

    • Crystle Engelhardt | | Reply

      Can’t beat an original pretzEl Unsalted!

    • June DePasquale | | Reply

      My favorite is pumpkin bites and then jalapeño. I can’t remember when I started eating Annie’s. It’s been years! I wish I had one right now. I also wish there was one right near me!

    • R+Sundhar Raman | | Reply


    • Randy Cockrell | | Reply

      MY favorite is the cinna minis they are The best with a frozen blue lemonade ?

    • Simone beaty | | Reply

      My favorite Pretzal is the Cinnamon sugar which is the pretzal i dropped right after buying almost 3 years ago, and A guy that went to my school offered to buy me a new one. That guy is now my boyfriend of almost 3 yeaRs.

    • Cathy avenido | | Reply



      I <3 Auntie Anne's pretzel dogs, bites and regular soft pretzels. I had to refrain myself from buying all three . .. my stomach can only digest so much and my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

      thanks so much for such a delicious product. 🙂


    • Jordan | | Reply

      I love the pepperoni pRetZel one :)))

    • Teresa MacWelch | | Reply

      Dear Auntie Anne’s – not everyone has a Smartphone to download the Perks App. It so happens I’m one. I went around and sent messages to folks I knew yesterday to download. Now while these folks are enjoying a free (wonderful tasting) cinn/sugar pretzel I only have the vision of eating a free pretzel. I wish you had a perks card. Enjoy Your Pretzels Everyone. Maybe next year I will be in on the show. Also Congrats to all winners.

    • Virginia | | Reply

      The smell of auntie anne’s pretzels at the mall is intoxicating. Every. time! The original is my favorite, with the cheese dipping sauce or not. mmm, i want one right now! 🙂

    • bruny | | Reply

      My family enjoys the jalapeno pretzel with the hot salsa dip. It’s a must whenever we spot an Aunty anne’s anywhere!

    • Gobi | | Reply

      I like the Auntie Annes regular/original pretzel. More than me my kid loves to eat it. he even dip it with the salsa for additional flavourful taset..

    • Peter monteiro | | Reply

      Love, love the pretzel bites.

    • Jacqueline Harvey | | Reply

      I love pretzels so much! Any kind! We get the make ’em at home kits at christmastime.

    • Labreeayh | | Reply

      My Favorite kind Of Auntie annes pretzel is cinnamon suGar perferably the whole pretzel with A whole bunvh of icing ?? SO MOUTH WATERING

  1. Paul Gunton | | Reply

    My favorite Auntie Anne’s pretzel is: Pepperoni, because that’s the closest i’m going to have an actual pepperoni pizza made with a pretzel crust.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Good stuff, thanks Paul!

  2. Patty McClune | | Reply

    It’s always fun to share AuntiE anne’s pretzels! I love how my grandchildren’s eyes light up when they spot a store And realize we’re headed there.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Sounds like a fun family moment! Thanks for sharing, Patty. Have a great #pretzelday. 😉

  3. Yadira Pelkey | | Reply

    Love Aunt Annes the best pretzels ever my fave is the cInnamon sugar and my sons as well everytime we go to thd mall his first QUESTION is can we get a pretzel? Lol!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Great on the go, great for sharing (if you can- hehe) too. It’s a snack that gives back. Thanks for sharing, Yadira! Have a great #pretzelday. 😀

  4. Elena Arduin | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the plain old original with cheese. As a huge pretzel lover I can’t resist getting a pretzle everytime i see an Auntie Anne’s stand. What is better than a classic? Original all the way! 🙂

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      All the way! Good call, Elena. The pretzel that launched a 1,000+ stores! (More than 1,500 to be precise.) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kylie mersch | | Reply

    Auntie Anne’s are the only pretzels worth eating!! Cinnamon sugar is my favorite and I could eat it will day long! 🙂 yummy!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Cinnamon Sugar Nuggets, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels, Cinnamon Sugar for President. What’a blend, right? Delish, no doubt. Thanks for sharing, Kylie!

  6. Sam Lee | | Reply

    I ReAlly like getting Pretzel nuggets or the newer pretzel dog nuggets because theY are really easy to eat on the go!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing, Sam – you’re on it. …Wait till you see what we have planned for May! I think you’re gonna like it. Also portable, also delicious.

  7. Dionne Baylor | | Reply

    I love just REGULAR pretzel sticks or bites with the cheese dip!

  8. Daniella taBor | | Reply

    Original with salt and butter all the way!!!

  9. Christine Wheeler | | Reply

    My FAvorite Pretzel is the CINNAMON Sugar. My daughter likes the Pepperoni PRETZEL and the pretzel dog.

  10. Alexis Benton | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the mini pretzel dogs with cheese dip! I get it every time I go near Auntie Anne’s!

  11. Tim frey | | Reply

    It’s not a complete trip to the mall if I don’t stop to get my auntie Annes special sour cream and onion pretzel. I love auntie Annes and it always makes my day brighter!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Tim! You’re a winner. Thanks for sharing your story. HaPpY National Pretzel Day!


  12. Sara s | | Reply

    I love the original pretzels with salt! Especially The little nugget version 🙂 so delicious!!

  13. Lisa belmore | | Reply

    My absolute favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar ! It is just the right combination of sweet and cinnamon! Perfect

  14. Holly maxwell | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original. I get one whenever I can .: -)

  15. nereida | | Reply

    There is absolutely no other pretzel out there better than auntie anne’s. My favorite one is the nuggets with cheese dip, whenever I go to the mall I must get them.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      You and me both! “Original nuggets with hot salsa cheese dip. Ohhh.”

      via GIPHY

  16. rohit shah | | Reply

    i love pretzels

  17. Farrah | | Reply

    My favorite is the cinnamon… but usually I buy a pepperoni and a cinnamon… the pepperoni is usually my meal and the cinnamon is my dessert lol

  18. Danielle murgia | | Reply

    I first tried auntie annes in college when i was learning to become a teacher. Between writing lesson plans and grading papers, we would jump in the car and head to the mall for an auntie annes cinnamon sugar pretzel. It was the best stress relief for a stressed out student teacher!

  19. Ellen Volk | | Reply

    My favorite was always the CINNAMON sugar. It stuck to your fingers, but who cares? Then one day when the mall was busy & there was no cinnamon, i got an original. I loved the salty taste and that i could get with a lemonade. When the biTes came along, it was so much EAiser to shop with out waiting to get home. If i do wait, i warm it up in the toaster oven and the house smells like heaven. Thanks also for the app thE app that rewards my loYalty.

  20. Sarah Hall | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original with salt! My first time having it was probably about three years ago, I only had pretzels at sporting events before that and thought all soft pretzels were pretty on par — i was totally wrong. Love you guys, keep it up!

  21. Susan | | Reply

    My favorite is jalapeno! I’m so excited that an AA has opened in my meijer store — makes it so easy to experience the deliciousness often!

  22. Daniel swartz | | Reply

    Auntie annes have the Best pretzels around I love the cinnamon sugar ones every time I go to the mall I have to get one

  23. KaTrina | | Reply

    My daughter and i absolutley love the cinnamon and sugar bites! With the glaze dipping sauce youve never tasted anything better. We love our auntie aNne dates together a great way to bond

  24. Chloe Klein | | Reply

    The cinnamon sugar pretzel is the best one hands down but I can’t deny the almond one

  25. Ivan Penka | | Reply

    As the famous Stanley Hudson from the office says – “I wake up every morning in a bed that’s too small, drive my daughter to a school that’s too expensive and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little. But on Pretzel Day? Well, I like Pretzel Day…” My favorite pretzel that i MUST GET TODAY AS WELL IS THE SWEET ALMOND PRETZEL WITH Caramel Dip. YUMMY.

  26. Angelina Chen | | Reply

    my favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar. EVERY TIME i went mall just for pretzels. i usually buy a cinnamon sugar and PEPPERONI one. it is best pretzel ever in the world. Keep it on Auntie Anne’s.

  27. Jacob kosidowSki | | Reply

    The basic salt pretzel is pure perfection! Nothing beats dipping that In cream cheese with an iced cold strawberry lemondae. ThAt is one of my favorite parts of trAveling, starting my trip off right with that Combo at The mKE airport!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Wow — that’s making me thirsty and hungry and wanting some Auntie Anne’s right now.

      Strawberry Lemonade, brother you said it. ! Delish ! HaPpY Pretzel Day y’all. Thanks, Jacob!

      Frozen Stawberry Lemonade Mixer

  28. Jonny Hinic | | Reply

    my favorite Auntie Anne’s pretzel is the original cinnamon and sugar. It is delightfully tasty and a pleasure to eat

  29. Michelle farris | | Reply

    my Favorite is the original – nothing can compete with the original!!!

  30. Beth | | Reply

    I love the orIginal pretzel, lightly salted. My kids and I love watching them being made. it is great to see them twisted into shape.

  31. Patrick | | Reply

    Original pretzel is my favorite. Love to dice it up and mix it with some leafy greens, bacon, blue cheese, tomato and red onion. the pretzel serves as the best crouton ever in a salad.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Nice! Make it your own, we like it.

      Right on - thumbs up!

  32. Madison | | Reply

    The cinnamon sugar pretzel FOR SURE!!! Im so obsessed that when we got married that was where i wanted to stop before pictures. Because eVen youR best day isnt the best unless it involves pretzels….

  33. Robert Acevedo | | Reply

    Thanks to Time Magazine daily morning email for notifying me of pretzel day today. I look forward to receiving a soft unsalted pretzel at your penn station location this morning in nyc. I love that your Pretzels are healthy since salt is not good for me, and i am disabled.
    having a pretzel while sitting at penn station WAITING for a train helps pass the time away!

  34. Matthew Olivieri | | Reply

    orIginal pretzel, lightly salted all dayyyyyy

  35. Alicea | | Reply

    Cinnamon sugar pretzels are the absolute beSt!!

  36. Patrice | | Reply

    I love Auntie Annie’s pretzels and my kids love auntie annies pretzels. I’ve already gotten my first text from my crazy daughter about Nat’l pretzel day and they’ll be coming all day “pretzels, pretzels, pretzels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  37. Matt | | Reply

    I have always been a fan of the cinnamon sugar pretzels. My parents would always get me one at the mall when i was a kid. But recently my girlfriend introduced me to the sweet almond flavor and w o w!! i’m never going back now!

  38. Courtney | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel would have to be the cinnamon sugar pretzel with either the sweet glaze dip or the cream cheese dip. Whenever I’m somewhere that has an auntie anne’s I stop by and get myself a delicious treat.

  39. Joe SummeRs | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel. Original. And with no need for explanation… does it all on its own!

  40. Requel Chambers | | Reply

    my favorite pretzel is the sour cream and onion…. with a carmel dip. Something about the sweet and salty combination makes it to die FOR! I absolutely love it!!!!

  41. Sara | | Reply

    Theres definitely NOTHING LIKE AUNTIE ANNE’S!!! always my faVorite snack Stop.
    Original (salted) is definitely my favorite because I’m All aboUt a Simple, Delicious pretzel, but love to get craxy with all the dipping choices…cheEse sauce, caramel, cream cheese, chocolate…Yuuuuuummmm

  42. Elizabeth S. | | Reply

    My favorite is the original. I worked on our mall when Auntie Anne’s first opened and we were so happy to have pretZels to snack on at work. I loved the original then and love it more now with all the fabulous dipping sauces. I am going to try the almond today though, i hear its great. I cant wait. Happy National pretzel day!

  43. Kathryn | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original, unless i want something a little sweeter then i grab the cinnamon sugar.

  44. ROX L | | Reply

    I’m addicted to the pretzel dogs! I grab one at least 3 times a week before I hop on the train 🙂

  45. Hon lung cheng | | Reply

    My FAVORITE AUNTIE AnNe’s pretzel is origInal. It is so good wiTh the cream cheese dipping sAuce.

  46. Kim | | Reply

    My husband once said, i was too cheap to buy something i wanted, but when it came to your pretzels, i would spend, spend, spend. Love them!

  47. Julie Miller | | Reply

    My families favorite is the cinnamon and sugar. It is hard to get out of the mall without one! My five kids struggle to share them. Every bite is savored.

  48. Hon Lung Cheng | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel. Original. And with no need for explanation… does it all on its own!

  49. Nicole | | Reply

    I would have to say the original is my favorite, even tHoUgh the cinnamon sugar is a close second! I love eating it with the sweet mustard dipping sauce!

  50. Dolores Adair | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel for years has been Auntie Annes Original. I go to the mall specifically to get them.

  51. ANDREW SANDERS | | Reply

    my favorite will always be the original pretzel…. with a lemonade, is a match made in pretzel heaven!!!!

  52. beth | | Reply

    the original. mall=pretzel

  53. Jen Houchin | | Reply

    Favorite Pretzel is the hot dog pretzel!

  54. Chet | | Reply

    I love, love, love the Almond Pretzel. The pepperoni cheese nuggets are also amaza-pants. the lemonade tho is something I have fond summer memories of. #nom nom nom

  55. Yukino | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel would have to the the Almond Pretzel with Caramel Dip. Mmmmmm. Been enjoying this one since the late 90’s. Miss the old Cinnamon raisin with glaze on it, reminded me of hardee’s/Carl’s Jr cinnamon rolls. Also enjoy the cinnamon sugar pretzel or the bites/nuggests with cinnamon sugar.

  56. Danielle | | Reply

    My favorite pretZle is the original pretzel bites. however when i”m having that sweet craVing, the cinnamOn sugar biTes are the way to go!

  57. Shaina | | Reply

    My favorite Auntie Annes pretzel is the original! I love the buttery and salty taste of the plain original pretzel. every time I am at the mall I always try to grab one, yum! 🙂

  58. katie strahan | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original pretzel! Or the nuggets!!

  59. Crysta | | Reply

    Auntie Anne’s is one of those staple treats that has always resonated with me. While The cinnamon sugar ones are by far the most aromatic, It is the signature, unmistakable fragrance of freshly baked Auntie Anne’s pretzel dough that can have me hightailing it across the food court. in the 20+ years I’ve been shleping to malls, I’ve yet to venture by an Auntie Anne’s kiosk without jonesing to stop for a pretzel.

  60. Jason | | Reply

    I love the original and cinnamoN sugaR!!

  61. Robert | | Reply

    I’ve been eaTing them since i could remember. Before each High School football game i would run To the mall tO get a cinnamon preTzel. That has been my favoritE since i was little.

  62. Tynia Traymon | | Reply

    I Go To Auntie Annes EVERY Time I Go To The Mall , There’s Nothing Like Enjoying A Warm Tasty Treat While Shopping 🙂 My Favorite Pretzel Is The Cinnamon Sugar w/ A Sweet Glaze Dip Along w/ A Mango Lemonade

  63. Keith Craig | | Reply

    It always smells delicious every time i walk past an auntie anne’s. I love being able to watch as they roll the dough and form the perfect pretzels. My favorite is the original pretzel with cheese dip. it is so yummy and satisfies my craving every single time.

    • Keith Craig | | Reply

      I just downloaded the app on my cell phone. I’m excited to start using the My Pretzel Perks on it.

  64. Heather | | Reply

    Salted classic

  65. Isabelle cannon | | Reply

    My fAvorite PRETZEL is the cInnamon sugar PRETZEL, because it is always sweet even if your day is sour. 🙂

  66. Lyric Lewis | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon pretzel! But what I especially love is that my son has a dairy allergy and our local Auntie Annes will make one fresh with no butter just for him! Thank you!

  67. Matt Spatola | | Reply

    my favorite id the Original pretzel. I get one every time I got to Park City. They are the best; especially when they ar nice and hot!!

  68. Hailey Schiedermayer | | Reply

    My favorite is definitely the original! I am so sad that there is no longer an auntie annes in my hometown- but on the brightside, there are two locations in my college town! 🙂

  69. Angela | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the cinnamon.

  70. Mukta | | Reply

    I love Sweet almond pretzel. It has AMAZING crunch.

  71. Shari murray | | Reply

    Original with salt and cheese dip is MY all time favorite

  72. Yuzo | | Reply

    I luv the amazing almond pretzels. it was the first pretzel i ate when i was 3 years old, and i also enjoy munching on the CINNAMON pretzel sticks. the classic lemonade had always made my day great. I was DEVASTATED when I found out that the auntie annes in the mall near me was shutting down, but a few weeks ago it came back and i ate the same DELICIOUS almond pretzel i ate back when i was only 3 years old.

  73. ASHLEy | | Reply

    Love the original it’s the best!!!!!!

  74. Laura Worcester | | Reply

    full disclosure: i don’t discriminate when it comes to choosing a pretzel (I’ll gladly eat any kind). if i had to choose though, it would be the original salted. i remember using auntie anne’s at-home pretzel kit with friends when i was younger. my play dates were boss. do you still sell those? I’d like to buy several boxes. i don’t remember my first visit to auntie anne’s but i can imagine i reacted similarly to when humans first discovered fire. pretzels forever.

  75. Kendyl | | Reply

    I love the CINNAMON sugar pretzels! whenever i need a quick pick me up they always hit the spot:)

  76. Rakhee | | Reply

    Cinnamon sugar is my favourite !!!!

  77. talia rudahl | | Reply

    the best pretzel if of course the classic! Classic with melted cheese is always the best!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations Talia, you are the 12 noon EDT Winner!! WE’ll follow up with you in email. Happy National Pretzel Day!

      • talia rudahl | | Reply

        Thank you! Looking forward to your email!

  78. AUDREY KLEIN | | Reply

    Love going to the mall and smelling those pretzels from down the hall!

  79. flori | | Reply

    Love auntie annies pretzels. Need to eat some today

  80. Jill | | Reply

    I don’t REmember my 1rst visit but I just know that I will make an excuse to go to the mall and buy one. My favorite is the plain prestzel and the cinnamon sugar bites yum!!

  81. Wes | | Reply

    My fav pretzel is def the cinnamon topped. They are a special treat for me and the kids

  82. victoria hummel | | Reply

    I’m originally from Philly, but I’ve been living in central pa for the past few years. i don’t get to visit philly or get my favorite snack as often as i’d like, but i love that I can still get a little taste of home when i have an auntie anne’s original pretzel with salt and spicy mustard. when my heart pangs for home, i only have to travel a short distance to the auntie anne’s at the lycoming mall in williamsport, pa to give my senses the best buttery, salty pretzel fix they need.

  83. Chelsea | | Reply

    The original salted pretzel is my favorite! It’s classic and i prefer the original twisted pretzel, but i do love the pretzel bites as well. Everything at auntie anne’s is always fresh and so good! Great place and products!

  84. Jennifer | | Reply

    Almond is my favorite! Can’t resist an auntie anne’s almond pretzel when i’m at the mall!

  85. Kristen | | Reply

    I’m a big fan of pretzels with cheese. auntie anne’s pretzels are so good that i opt out for the cheese dipping sauce. never happened with any other pretzel.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Whoa- counter-intuitive. I like it. Sometimes the pretzels are just that good. Thanks, Kristen!

  86. Deja | | Reply

    I love the almond Pretzel! It goes perfectly with the strawberry lemonade!

  87. Ray Crooks | | Reply

    It’s hard to choose, but I think the classic is my favorite, freshly baked and with just the right amount of salt on it.

  88. Marcella carder | | Reply

    I jusT brought a bucket of pretzel nuggets to my daughters school foR her 5th birthday. They Were a huge hit! The kids barely paid attention to the cookie cake.

  89. Alicks | | Reply

    sweet almond all the way! makes me blow my diet every single time!

  90. AJ | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel and bites. I look for your stores wherever I go

  91. James Carter | | Reply

    I love Mini Pretzel dogs with a big ol’ Mango Lemonade!

  92. Kayla | | Reply

    My favorite is always The original pretzel! Whether its the regular pretZel shape, in stIcks, in bites, or wrapped arOund a hotdog, i always get the original pretzel!

  93. Briana | | Reply

    My favorite are the pretzel bites, making them at home with the take home kit is so easY and fun for all of us to do togegher! ?

  94. Brittney HOPE | | Reply

    My very first auntie Anne’s pretzel was the best pretzel ever. I will never forget it. I was at the mall for a young inventors fair and another girl asked if I wanted a pretzel, her treat. I had never had anything other than those frozen, heat in the microwave, always harder than you wanted kind. So she bought me an almond pretzel and that changed everything. Fast forward a decade and I am still in love. I love them all! The original with cheese, the holiday “snowballs”, the strawberry LEMONADE and, of course, my almond. Oh it is all so good!

  95. gina lockhart | | Reply

    The first auntie Annie’s pretzel I had was cinnamon sugar. I was always attracted to the buttery scent of baking pretzel dough. Once I tried a cinnamon sugar pretzel I was hooked. That great warm baked buttery dough with a hint of sweetness and spice. Everything nice!

  96. KAthy Hutton | | Reply

    You can never go wrong with the ORIGINAL – !!!!!! Can’t wait to get one {or two or four} today

  97. Darrell Rodgers | | Reply

    I love the original pretzel with cheese sauce and a cherry lemonade. I sometimes skip lunch at the office to make my way over to Auntie Anne’s at Perimeter Mall just to get my fix. The Pretzels are hot and fresh and the brief getaway is invigorating. IN fact, I think I’ll head over right now….

  98. Marc | | Reply

    Love the Original pretzel with a little cheese to dip.

  99. Emily | | Reply

    MY first visit was at the mall in my hometown. when I worked at a mall outside DC I would love getting pretzels and then bringing them baseball games at Nats park! a great combination!

  100. Nicole gabler | | Reply

    Garlic parm with cheese mmmmmmm i used to love the original with chOcolate dip but the cheese is just as good. (Miss the chocolate tho)

  101. Sharon Mason | | Reply

    Original with spicy mustard on the side please!

  102. Rick Shoor | | Reply

    Nothing better than the basic signature pretzel. Salty with an underlying sweetness. Yum!

  103. peter rosenberger | | Reply

    Raisin with dipping sauce!!!

  104. allie | | Reply

    best pretzels eva!!!!

  105. Meri mitchell | | Reply

    I love the pepperoni pretzel! so good!

  106. Karen McCray | | Reply

    I love the almond as is!

  107. Deb | | Reply

    Love AA pretzels, stop everytime the mall

    Peppersoni with marinara is the best

  108. Tiffany t | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon sugar!

  109. Stephanie Muniz | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the pizza pretzel with either warm cheese sauce or marinara. Yum!

  110. Kathryn | | Reply

    Love the almond pretzel with cream cheese dip. Sinfull, but amazing!!

  111. Ann | | Reply

    My favorite is absolutely almond!!

  112. David | | Reply

    My favorite is the Original. You can’t go wrong with that!

  113. Kristen | | Reply

    MY favorite pretzel would have to be cinnamon and sugar. you can never go wrong with IT! YUMMMM

  114. Amanda | | Reply

    My favorite auntie anne’s pretzel is the new pepperoni. It goes perfect with the marinara dipping sauce!! You can’t go wrong choosing a pretzel with pepperoni, cheese, and marinara. Yummy!!!

  115. Kathy MCgovern | | Reply

    I love the signature pretzel! Nothing Better!

  116. Molly | | Reply

    Auntie Anne’s makes me think of my mother. After a *long* day of shopping at the mall, we would treat ourselves to a wonderful soft pretzel from Auntie anne’s. even though she judged me for my sour cream and onion or cinnamon raisin selection (she is a traditionalist and always got the classic) it was always the highlight of our mother-daughter days.

  117. Erika A | | Reply

    I love the almond crunch pretzel with a sprinkle of cinNamon sugar. The girls at Auntie Annes make Ot for me just perfect always. I love Auntie Annes pretzels. Prefered over any other definately!!

  118. Pauline george | | Reply

    The cinnamon sugar makes my day….now im going to have to get one now 🙂

  119. Brenda Davis | | Reply

    My all time favorite is cinnamon sugar followed closely by the original.

  120. Kathie S | | Reply

    Love them all, but the cinnamon sugar is my favorite!

  121. Sheila Payne | | Reply

    Simple Auntie Anne’s Pretzel math…

    Pretzel + Pepperoni = Perfection!

  122. tiffany farver | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original with the cheese dipping sauce

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Tiffany! You are a winner.


      HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  123. Jan Tidwell | | Reply

    Cinnamon sugar is my favorite but I also love the bite size originals! YUM

  124. Julie | | Reply

    My Favorite is Jalapeno, the best. and of course, dips.
    What else do you need???

  125. sandra Hernandez | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar, its just perfection!!!!!!!

  126. Heather | | Reply

    Cinnamon and sugat with glaze dip! Share with my toddler 🙂

  127. Ashley | | Reply

    Im old fashioned. I love a good auntie annes original salted with cheese, lots of cheese.

  128. Mark | | Reply

    I like to keep it simple: I love the original!

  129. Cheri H. | | Reply

    I love the Original Pretzel! Yummy!!

  130. Jessica K | | Reply

    Garlic all the way, baby! nom nom nom

  131. Sherilyn Rank | | Reply

    My favorite is original – why mess with perfection!

  132. LeAnn Makowe | | Reply

    I love Auntie Anne’s pretzels! My favorite one is hard tho, I am torn between the cinnamon pretzel and regular pretzel bites. I love walking the mall and always passing by Auntie Anne’s and smelling the sweet smell of the pretzels baking

  133. Heather Demarest | | Reply

    My first visit to Auntie Anne’s was the best! I loved how sweet the pretzels are and how fresh and soft they are! I loved dipping them in the mustard and I will never buy any other pretzel!

  134. Kathy | | Reply

    I love the almond pretzel with caramel

  135. Sarah pitzer | | Reply

    Mini pretzel dogs in nacho cheese are amazing – especially wheN eaten shile drinking blueberry lemonade!

  136. Angela | | Reply

    My first visit to Auntie Anne’s was when I went to visit my son in a bigger city. I kept smelling something wonderful in the mall. That’s when I first learned about Auntie Anne’s and experienced their deliciousness! From then on it became a routine to visit Auntie anne’s when i would visit my son. he knew when i came to town we would be making a stop there! even though we got our own auntie anne’s about a year ago, my son and i keep our tradition and get our pretzels when i visit him because it is a fun tradition!

  137. Irina Napechnik | | Reply

    Oh how i love going to the mall and heading straight to Auntie Annes to grab a pepperoni pretzel with cheese dip! Yum…Hungry already! I can never have enough of them and My kids absolutely love them too!! Thank you for our snacks while I shop! 😉

  138. Michelle M | | Reply

    While I’m a firm believer that all pretzels are delicious, I know they’re not all created equally. The CINNAMON sugar are obviously superior!

  139. Ally D | | Reply

    My favorite is the CINNAMON sugar nuggets with sweet glaze dip. sooooo yummy!!!

  140. carly a | | Reply

    Nothing better than the cinnamon with cream cheese dipping sauce!

  141. Michael McClung | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel by far was actually a special order… Jalapeño cheese and pepperoni, which a kind Auntie Anneian made fresh for me during my honeymoon. It should really be on the menu!

  142. Lauren Johnson | | Reply

    My dad used to get us pretzels for my brothers and I to share every time we went to the mall. Now, my nephew is here and my brother and I continue the tradition with him and my sister in law. I love the plain with butter to dip in cheese, and my brother’s is the cinnamon raisin.

  143. Shital Patel | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is almond all the way. yummmmmmm! a stop at auntie anne’s is a must when I go to the mall.

  144. Selena | | Reply

    My favorite auntie anne’s pretzel is the sweet almond pretzel! it’s so delicious, perfectly sweet and nutty!

  145. Ward | | Reply

    I love the pepperoni and cheese pretzel with marinara dip! it’s better than pepperoni pizza, especially when it is fresh out of the oven. even better when it’s paired with a strawberry lemonade!

  146. Lisa | | Reply

    Love the original!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Lisa – you are a winner!


  147. Brittany McAfee | | Reply

    my favorite pretzel is a close tie between the original and the pretzel bites! if I have plenty of time to savor a pretzel, the original is the way to go, but if I’m in a hurry, the bites are easy to take on the go. there’s nothing that makes a place smell better and my stomach growl louder than seeing an auntie anne’s sign!

  148. Dave Busch | | Reply

    If I could turn myself into a pretzel i wouldn’t. Because then I would eat myself. Favorites are original and jalapeno stuffed baby. PRETZELS ARE LIFE.

  149. Jae Ma | | Reply

    The original (with warm cheese dip on the side) ?

  150. Vincent | | Reply

    Cinnamon Pretzel and an ice tea is the perfect pair

  151. Karen Powell | | Reply

    Oh, my lovely cinnamon sugar pretzel! always a stop during a trip to the mall!

  152. Cherise Sanford | | Reply

    The cinnamon sugar pretzel is my favorite!! Still doughy but satisfies that sweet fix

  153. donna Novitsky | | Reply

    I like the pretzel bites because you can have some for yourself and some to share

  154. Adrienne | | Reply

    I love the original with spicy mustard and lemonade

  155. Alisha Caudill | | Reply

    #nationalpretzelday wouldn’t be the same without my favorite auntie Anne’s sweet almond pretzel! Perfect balance of SWEET and salty on soft & CRUNCHY! Yummo!

  156. Jane | | Reply

    I Absolutely LOVE THE Almond Pretzel – it’s Delicious!

  157. Loan Nguyen | | Reply


  158. Caitlin Froseth | | Reply

    We have many auntie Annie’s favorites, if the kids are in tow we go with the bites since there’s enough to go around and can be paired with multiple dipping sauces to please each picky preschool and toddler palette! but on the rare occasion I get to go shopping alone, I always find myself coming back to the o.g., warm, soft and buttery goodness. Sometimes I dip it, but it’s great on its own. Pulling it apart and releasing the amazing smells of fresh baked pretzel is nearly as enjoyable as the actual eating. Love me some auntie Annie’s!

  159. Carolyn Pugh | | Reply

    Ooh I love Auntie Anne’s! Growing up and heading to the mall with friends it felt like a right of passage that we got a pretzel while we were there. Then, my favorite was salted with a container of sweet mustard for dipping. YUM!! I still love that combination, but now as a mom with kids, I’ve found that we more often get the Cinnamon Sugar pretzels because they’re sweet (and sticky and messy!) but not overly sweet and fill us up more than an ice cream cone or cookie would. Yum! Our kids are crazy about Auntie Anne’s now. Happy Pretzel Day!

  160. Merrilee Carlson | | Reply


    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Merrilee Carlson!! You are the 2 pm EDT winner. We will follow up with you via email. HaPpY National Pretzel Day, Marrilee! Nom-nom.

  161. Kathy Johnson | | Reply

    I love the garlic parmesan. My daughters and I love to have pretzels at the Sarasota square Mall.

  162. Huong Nguyen | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon pretzel….so sugary but so good. First time with bf at Irvine spectrum

  163. Roshelle | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the almond, but i also love the cinnamon sugar 🙂

  164. Harmony | | Reply

    My 2 boys (ages 8 & 10) love to stop and get a pretzel when we are at the mall. It’s become a tradition – and the only way I can get them shopping (ha!). We like them all, but our favorite and what we order the most is the original – with cheese dip!

  165. Lindsay H | | Reply

    Love the original and cinnamon sugar nuggets! My daughter and i made a special trip to the mall to get both yesterday.

  166. Deija JoneS | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the cinnamon sugar. When me and my dad used to go to the mall (very often haha), we’d always get Auntie Anne’s and the cInnamon sugar has been my favorite since i was a lIttle girl! Reminds me of my childhood

  167. Beth | | Reply

    I just had tHe original pretzel with my app and it was delciious! Thank yiu so much. These are my fav pretzels and somethjng i rAtely get to enjoy!

  168. Crystal | | Reply

    My absoulte favoriTE is the cInamon suguar but i lile the orginal too

  169. Kathleen dzoliC | | Reply

    Love ❤️ Love Me the cinnamon bItes! There’s Never enough in the bag hehe ?

  170. Traci howard | | Reply

    i love the almond pretzel…it’s my favorite. everytime I go to the mall I must stop by auntie anne’s for a pretzel. thank you!

  171. carol K. | | Reply

    #PRETZELPERFECT I Absolutely love Auntie Anne’s Pepperoni Pretzel! Yummy hot Pretzel, zesty pepperoni, three savory cheeses and marinara sauce for dipping – it’s my Pretzel Pizza Paradise & that’s How I roll!!!

  172. Julie schwartz | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the cinnamon sugar pretzel dipped in the sweet glaze dipping sauce <3 it is so sweet and yummy! perfect with a cup of lemonade.

  173. Rita | | Reply

    Always love the cinnamon sugar pretzel.

  174. Shah | | Reply

    My first tIme hearing the name pretzel , i didnt know what that was. Since i moved from another country, i hAd never hearD of it before. So my Cousin bought one and She shared it with me. And guess what, it has become my weekly go to snack. It hs become a ritual between me and my cousin to always Eat a pretzel when We meet, no matter how long or how far we have to drive to get one 🙂

  175. Rachel Churchill | | Reply

    So bummed that I missed the deadline for the free pretzel, all well hopefully I will win the swag…..

  176. Marianne Werner | | Reply

    Auntie Anne’s pretzels mean summers with my family. We lived overseas but would come back to the states for the summers. Auntie Anne’s was something we could not get where we lived so it always felt like a special treat to get while we were out as a family.

  177. Henny g. | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel by far is the roasted garlic and parmesan! Mmm….I want one now…!

  178. Sean lewsley | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon sugar pretzels with a side of sweet glaze and A mango lemonade mixer!

  179. Miriam Chai | | Reply

    My favorite is the original, lightly salted. once or twice a year i do a whole day shopping spree at a department store in my local mall and auntie annes is next door. my mid-day break is an original, lightly salted, and it gives me the perfect pick-me-up to finish shopping and keeps me full until the celebratory dinner.

  180. Mimi aggie | | Reply

    Sweet almond preTZEl

  181. Linda Granzow | | Reply

    Congratulations on national pretzel Day! We love the auntie anne’s with cinnamon sugar as well. Actually, we love them all. thank you for a great product.

  182. Julie Farace | | Reply

    I miss the jalapeno pretzel! It needs tO be brought back! I do love the cinnamon and sugar one still though! All are Excellent pretzels!

  183. Tarri Myers | | Reply

    love the cinnamon sugar pretzels, it makes you want to eat more because they are so good.

  184. Lila Kiswani | | Reply

    The original pretzel is our absolute favorite!

  185. Laura Seibt | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the pepperoni pretzel! I had one before my parents tried it & thought it was pretty good. After they tried it, they loved it so much that they talked about it on most of the days when they visited! Now I’ve got it stuck in my head & have a craving for it, lol.

  186. aLYSE | | Reply

    Cinnamon Sugar! Nothing beats a fresh, hot, sugary mess! this is my favorite mall treat and taste of home when i was in japan!

  187. Brooke Taylor | | Reply

    My favorite preTzel is Original!! Auntie Annes is the best, every time i smell your pretzels i know i have to get one (or tWo!) ?❤️

  188. Brittney | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is an original with no salt, just buttery goodness. I have dreams about this pretzel. They’re that good.

  189. shelly jeffy | | Reply

    I love cinnamon, although the original is awesome too!

  190. Patty Becker | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original salted pretzel with cheese dipping sauce. Stick with the original. No need to mess with the best!

  191. Ingrid Taylor | | Reply

    My favOrite pretzel is the “pretzel dog” yum

  192. christina B. | | Reply

    My daughter and I love to share a pepperoni pretzel! I have also downloaded the app and look forward to using it. Thanks!

  193. Timothy | | Reply

    My favorite is cinnamon sugar!

  194. Carolyn | | Reply

    I love the sweet almond pretzels!

  195. Colleen Gal | | Reply

    My first memory of Auntie anne’s pretzels is walking thru the mall & smelling the delicious cinnamon pretzels. i can’t go to the mall anymore without stopping for a pretzel from auntie anne’s.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Colleen! You are a winner.


      HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  196. Paige | | Reply

    Original pretzel with mustard. So good!

  197. Chastity Jones | | Reply

    My all time favorite pretzel is the glazin RAISIN with the sweet glaze icing! Oh my gosh it’s so satisfying! In Every bite, there’s a raisin!

  198. michelle Angelina | | Reply

    Yummy. Glazing Raisin…that dipping sauce ?

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Mariel! You are a winner.


      HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  199. Ann Covello | | Reply

    Are you kidding? What could be tastier than a pepperoni pretzel? It’s like a meal in a pretzel especially with the dipping sauce. As a dessert, you can’t beat the delicious Almond pretzel. A savory pepperoni pizza, followed by an almond pretzel – yummy!!!

  200. Fawn Jenkins | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original!

  201. Beth | | Reply

    I just picked up the original pretzel with my app. it was so delicious & is my favorite!! I rarely get to enjoy them anymore, but always did when I was a kid. Thank you for the pretzel!

  202. teresa gilles | | Reply

    My first visit to Auntie Anne’s pretzels was amazing I had a pretzel dog with that delicious cheese sauce and I’ve never been so happy in my life 🙂 my daughter is a very picky eater and this is one thing that she loves !

  203. Jane | | Reply

    My favorite it’s the garlic pretzel!

  204. Julie Harris | | Reply

    My favorite is the original with no salt. Need the cheese dipping sauce too!! YUM!!!

  205. diane oc | | Reply

    It is simply impossible to choose only one Auntie Anne’s favorite! The original pretzel paired with your lemonade is perfect! I also crave the ORIGINAL PRETZEL DOG and a lemonade every so often. thanks for consistently delivering fantastically delicious products. Love, Love, Love…

  206. Luanna Williams | | Reply


    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Luanna! You are a winner.


      HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  207. Rocky | | Reply

    I love love love the jalapeno pretzel. wish it was available pre-made.

  208. Sarah | | Reply

    Original is my favorite. AuNtie Anne’s reminds me of the boardwalk at the beach in new jersey.

  209. Bill S. | | Reply

    Any form of Original (pretzel, nuggets or stix!) with melted cheese is a favorite for me…yum!

  210. karen | | Reply

    my favorite is cinnamon ones

  211. Courtney yadon | | Reply

    Always love the classic salted pretzel. But i will occasionally go for the CINNAMON sugar pretzel if im up for it.

  212. Kaleb Williams | | Reply

    My favorite one is the pepperoni one. So good!!

  213. Crystal Zborek | | Reply

    My favorite is original with chocolate dipping sauce!!!!

  214. David | | Reply

    The Cinnamon PRETZEL Bites are without question the go to when its pretzel time.

  215. Sam | | Reply

    I first AUntie Anne’s when I was 10 and my sister worked at a store. It was delicious, It was an original pretzel and that has since been my favorite, it just hits the spot when I want a salty snack. The other pretzels are food too but you can never go wrong with the Original.

  216. Jill r | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon sugar pretzel. It is Just a sweet treat for me. I first had it when I was at the mall a couple years ago and now whenever I go to the mall I crave it! Or maybe that’s the smell auntie Anne’s lumps out, so delicious.

  217. Fran R. | | Reply

    I’m a fan of the original, but my daughter loves the cinnamon sugar. I’m glad you added a location at the mall that opened by me a few years ago. If I don’t spend too much while shopping at the mall, find great deals, or just do some power walking, Auntie Anne’s is a great Reward! Guess I’m saying it’s always a treat and I just find an excuse to buy one!

  218. Alex F. | | Reply

    The first time I had an Auntie Anne’s pretzel was at the mall when I was about 8 year’s old and with my mom. Ever since then I can’t stay away from getting cinnamon sugar sticks every time I see a store

  219. Tammy | | Reply

    I am a spicy fan so jalapeno is my fav!

  220. Michael Pratt | | Reply

    Favorite auntie annes pretzel is the cinnamon sugar pretzel obviously

  221. Julie | | Reply

    We’ve pretty much stuck to the basics with original and Cinnamon sugar. I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a whole pretzel on my own because I always have at least 2 kids with me, if not all 4, plus Dad 🙂 I think I would feel bad if I ever did eat one all by myself…it just wouldn’t feel right to not share. My goal is to branch out and introduce the sour cream and onion and Roasted Garlic and Parmesan to the crew, But will never leave Auntie Anne’s without our first 2 basics.

  222. Amanda K | | Reply

    The original Pretzel with cream cheese! 🙂 SOOOOO GOOD! Sometimes I get one without salt and sometimes I want all the salt! Can’t ever go wrong with Auntie Anne’s!

  223. sandra | | Reply

    My favorite is the original. It tastes great!

  224. Nicole T | | Reply

    I am in love with the jalapeno pretzel!! Delicious dipped in nacho cheese!!!!

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Congratulations, Nicole! You are a winner.


      HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  225. Elle | | Reply

    Love me a cinnamon sugar pretzel!!

  226. Amanda K | | Reply

    The original Pretzel with cream cheese!

  227. Wendy | | Reply

    I LOVE, love, love the cinnamon pretzel!! So, so yummy!!

  228. Brenda Faulkner | | Reply

    I absolutely love the cinnamon sugar with icing dipping sauce! they are the best!

  229. Amanda | | Reply

    so hard to choose just one…but i’ll go with cinnamon and sugar. Just perfection with my cOffee. It’s fast becoming a tradition when i go SHOPPING with my daughter.

  230. Michelle D. | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the cinnamon sugar. It’s sweet, doughy and so delicious!

  231. Christine M | | Reply

    They are all wonderful but the original is my favorite.

  232. Maureen Townsend | | Reply

    I’ll take an original any day. No need to mess with perfection.

  233. Mindy DeLisi | | Reply

    Original! So tasty! I get a side of cheese sauce to go with. Your pretzels are my favorite!

  234. Mary | | Reply

    I love the original, no offense cinnamon sugar.

  235. kim heffner | | Reply

    There’s nothing like a pretzel
    warm and salty it’s the bestzel

    i want one today it’s better then
    a benet.

    happy national pretzel day ok!!

  236. Vicky Koenig | | Reply

    My favorite is the Sweet Almond

  237. Chong hui | | Reply

    I love the Original with cheese dipping sauce.

  238. natasha K | | Reply

    Original pretzel! No cheese dip or anything. Best thing ever! 8)

  239. Renee dye | | Reply

    I love auntie anne’s pretzels. The almond with caramel dip is my favorite.

  240. Corrie | | Reply

    My favorite is cinnamon sugar with chocolate dipping sauce. YUM!!

  241. Jm Malone | | Reply

    Can’t help it!! Best ever is any pretzel with cinnamon sugar all over it!!!

  242. Amy ellis | | Reply

    I just love The sour cream and onioN pretzel, and sometimes (well really most of the time lets be honest….) Ill get the cheese sauce For dipping.

  243. Pam | | Reply

    We rarely bought pretzels from the mall as kids. We usually ate the microwavable ones from the supermarket. It wasn’t until recently that we got an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel at the mall after a few hours of shopping. It was hot, delicious, crispy on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside. Freshly baked pretzels are our favorite new treat!

    • Pam | | Reply

      *pepperoni is my favorite Pretzel

  244. LaQuinta Pernell | | Reply

    My most precious memory of auntie Annie’s was back in 2003 while I was still in high school. I would go shopping with my family on weekends when I first learned of this pretzel company. I ordered the then glazing raisin, in which I remember was one of the sweetest and decadent treats I enjoyed throughout my lifetime. Now, the original pretzel with icing is still my favorite, but I have experienced some of the other menu choices throughout the years and auntie Annie pretzels still amaze me. Even my family enjoys them when we go to the mall on weekends. These pretzels have a special way of bringing joy, peace and happiness into your world!

  245. Amy ellis | | Reply


  246. Tony n | | Reply

    My favorite is the pretzEl dog. With salsa cheese!! Ill shower in that stuff.

  247. starr wells | | Reply

    my kids and i go every friday after to school. we love your pretzel dogs

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply


      Congrats, Starr! And, thanks for sharing. You’re a winner. HaPpY National Pretzel Day.

  248. Toni B | | Reply

    I love your jalapeno pretzels!!! It’s the perfect pick-me-up when I’m shopping at the mall & need to re-charge my batteries for round 2. I love the heat, but adding some cheese makes it perfect.

  249. Keziah Gibbons | | Reply

    My first visit to Auntie Anne’s was when I was 12 and my mom use to take me and my brothers to the mall in NY. Every time I would go to the mall, I would smell those wonderful pretzels and there always seemed to be a long line of people waiting to purchase one. This one particular time I could not take it anymore and asked my mom could i have a pretzel and she said yes! When we got to the register to order, I looked over the menu and saw cinnamon and that is the one I ordered! I was hooked immediately! Now that I am older, I still order my favorite cinnamon pretzel! I try to get another flavor but I am truly loyal to the cinnamon! When I had children, I took them to Auntie Anne’s and the cinnamon pretzel is what they ordered! Now that I have grandchildren, you guessed it, they love the cinnamon pretzel! Auntie Anne’s will be a family tradition forever!

  250. Phylicia phillips | | Reply

    Mini pretzel dogs! But love them all really

  251. Brianna Brescia | | Reply

    the cinnamon sugar pretzel is the best and for an extra sweet treat, I love to dunk it in the sweet glaze dip!

  252. Jamella Gaines | | Reply

    Omg my fav is definitely the original with the cheese sauce, the best snack on the go an just sitting around the house, and i also love the cinnemon and sugar pretzel when i want something sweet i will always love Auntie annes and i will be a lifetime customer. I have never had a bad experience with this lovely business. All i have left to say is yummy!

  253. Liz Gauen | | Reply

    No trip to the mall is complete without a trip to auntie Anne’s. I love to get an original pretzel and a slushie and share it with my friends.

  254. Brandee Holland | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel at auntie anne’s is nuggets, with marinara dip.

  255. Leslie | | Reply

    Such fond memories getting a Sesame Pretzel as a treat to share when I was growing up. That will always be my favorite Auntie Anne’s pretzel

  256. John Rawlins III | | Reply

    I had always been a fan of pretzels, period. But Auntie Anne’s Pretzels are on a whole different level of good! I can’t visit a mall without getting a original pretzel or sticks! IT the salt and the buttery combination that are sooooooooo good to me!!!

  257. Helen T | | Reply

    I love Cinnamon sugar pretzels

  258. Eugenia Washington | | Reply

    The Almond pretzel by far is my favorite, however you can’t go wrong with any of auntie anne’s. The pretzel Bites , The original, the cinnamon & Sugar, and even the Pretzel dogs are AMAZING!!!

  259. Amy Chan | | Reply

    Ever since I was little, my favourite part of going to the nearby shopping malls was getting a soft pretzel from auntie annies. CInnamon sugar is the absolute best. Sweet almond comes next! 🙂

  260. Artemis deravanesian | | Reply

    when i was pregnant a few months ago i would crave the cinnamon sugar pretzel so much that i’d make my husband drive to the mall almost daily to buy me one and bring it back. I still love it so much i buy one every time i’m around auntie anne’s. yum.

  261. cara fine | | Reply

    my faVorite prEtzel is the original, with the cheese dipping sauce. i love How when i walk throughout the mall I can smell auntie anne’s pretzels?

  262. Jamella gaines | | Reply


  263. Kelly Grogan | | Reply

    I love love love the original with no salt! Plain, simple and absolutely delicious! I could eat a bajillion!

  264. Monica Nuss | | Reply

    Annie Anne pretzels mean fun time with my family spent eating fresh hot pretzels with whatever toppings everyone wants. It promotes fun and family time well spent. My favorite is the regular followed 2nd by the pretzel with almonds. My family members also enjoy these and several of the others. thank you for a fun way to enjoy time spent with my family

  265. Kandita Stover | | Reply

    I tried the original pretzel for the first time about four days ago and it was delicious so the original is my favorite !

  266. william carmona | | Reply


  267. THERESA | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar; it has the best cinnamon that smells incredible and tastes delicious.

  268. Alice CHan | | Reply

    I have been a fan of Auntie annies since I was still a kid. Can’t express enough of how much I love these treats. Whenever I have a craving for sweets, Sweet Almond is the flavour that I go for. Definitely the best of the best. <3

  269. Mimi | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original with lots of salt!!!! and I love the pretzel bites too! if I had to pick my favorite food, I think auntie anne’s original pretzel might be one of them. they are pretty darn close to the pretzels in Germany (which I loved eating with every meal while I was there 🙂 )

  270. DL Hawkins | | Reply

    I love Auntie Annes pretzels! I like both the original & the cinnamon.

  271. Melissa Ensell | | Reply

    My favorite Auntie Anne’s Pretzel is the Almond Pretzel with a side of caramel dip! It’s the best!

  272. Stephanie taylor | | Reply

    Everytime i walk past an auntie anne’s i am taken back to my childhood. The smell is so fantastic! A Fresh pretzel makes every trip to the mall special. I love the original salted pretzel. It doesnt get better than that!

  273. LuAnn Meyer | | Reply

    I love the original with butter, no salt. B oh such deliciousness!

  274. Aunna | | Reply

    I LOVEEE the original pretzels with salt and cheese. But right now I’m hardcore craving the cinnamon sugar pretzel 🙂
    Happy National Pretzel Day to all you Auntie Anne’s Pretzel makers!

  275. esmina orro | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the Almond pretzel. i like the nutty flavor in it.

  276. labiq JAIGIRDAR | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel at Aunties annes is the cinnamon pretzel! It taste so sweet and it is my favorite pretzel ever!!

  277. elen | | Reply

    sweet almond pretzels and sour cream and onion pretzels are my favorite. Along with the sweet lemonade.

  278. Jessi | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is definitely the pretzel dog. I love pretzels and hot dogs and nothing makes me happier than do have Both at the same time ! If i really want to indulge i dip it in cheese . Yumm!

  279. D. Balthazar | | Reply

    I’m a lover of the classics so i’m loyal to the original. The first time i was enticed by this delectable delight was while wandering through my neighborhood mall. i followed my nose to the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked goodness wafting its way down the stairs. whatever that was, i had to get my hands on it. after one biteful i was pleased to know that the taste was worthy of the smell. since that day, it’s part of my mall ritual. i’ve since tried the cinnamon and the sweet crumbly almond, but i always come back to the original.

  280. Elizabeth Connelly | | Reply

    Favorite Pretzel has to be plain (I wouldn’t say that about any other pretzel seller though!). the buttery goodness of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel is enough for me!

  281. Maris fusiek | | Reply

    The original Pretzel 🙂

  282. Tori Rarity | | Reply

    I love a classic pretzel. Original with cheddar cheese! I just can’t get enough 🙂

  283. Pam | | Reply

    The warm, sweet and buttery goodness of your cinnamon pretzel is my total favorite!!

  284. Jen | | Reply

    With lots of siblings, it was such a special time when my mom would Take me On mOther-daughter Dates… We Always went To Auntie anne’s! Now i take my own daughter on dates to Auntie anne’s. It is a very special place to my family!

  285. henry | | Reply

    The almond one is amazinng! I love it so, so much!!!

  286. Pam Bennett | | Reply

    The sweet buttery goodness of your cinnamon pretzel is my total favorite!

  287. Lynn DeNyse | | Reply


  288. Tram Ngo | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the original PretZEL.

  289. Anna Lisa Russell | | Reply

    I love auntie anne’s sweet almond pretzels!!! It tastes even better when I dip my almond pretzel in cheese :d

  290. CL Chin | | Reply

    my favourite is original and i love it with the cheese dip! i originally tried my first at the Walden Galleria in buffalo then wondered when i would experience my next auntie anne’s pretzel. luckily, i didn’t have to wait too long, as you have a location at dufferin mall (toronto, on) so that is where i have met some of your friendly staff and have enjoyed every pretzel so far!

  291. Chantae | | Reply

    We love the cinnamon sugar NUGGETS fresh from the oven! warm, soft, and heavenly!!

  292. susan green | | Reply

    I am 60 years old and have not had an Auntie Anne’s pretzel since I was a teenager. I have located a location near me that I could get me one of those big twisted pretzels with mustard that I loved as a teenager!! Maybe it will make me young again!!!

  293. Nichole Garber | | Reply

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved AuntIe Anne’s. None of the other pretzels would cut it. yum! My favorite is the original and the cinnamon. Thanks for all you do!

  294. Luis Lugo | | Reply

    Nothing beats a warm original pretzel!

  295. Bridgitte | | Reply

    I absolutely adore the pretzel dogs at auntie annes! Everytime I pass an auntie anne’s in the airport or mall I have to stop and get one. Although there are alot of imitators out there, auntie anne’s does it best.

  296. Susan cantore | | Reply

    Prezels are by far my very favorite snack to eat! I love the original, they are baked to perfection, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. I love my prezels with mustard, cream cheese or just The delicious way they aRe! Yummy, yummy, yummy

  297. Allison Urvan | | Reply

    Oh my goodness.. Where do i begin?! They are all so delicious! I’d have to say the pretzel dogs are the best! And.. So fun to make at home with the auntie anne’s home pretzel making kit.. My kids just love It!! 🙂 ?

  298. Teline Assenso | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is a cinnamon sugar pretzel! I love to eat it just like that! OCCASIONALLY, I like to complement it with the cream cheese dip. i’ve been eating since I was a kid. the closest auntie annes to me is like 10 minutes away at the mall but i DON’T mind the drive. especially since i get a sweet treat in return. As soon as i found out about PRETZEL perks, i joined quick and in a hurry because i love me some auntie annes. There’s a wetzel pretzel in there TOO but i’m loyal to auntie annes. i’ll never eat a pretzel that isn’t an aunti annes pretzel!

  299. Erin robinson | | Reply

    Me and me monsters love yout preTzels! Sour crEam and onion rules!

  300. clifford Standridge | | Reply

    Love your favorite is the original,with salt and mustard..thank you

  301. Cassie | | Reply

    Ahhhhh LOVE AUNTIE ANNE’S PRETZELS!!!!! I’m taking my friends to the mall this weekend and would love to win this… it would just add to our day 😀

  302. Denise Avalos | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is cinnamon sugar! I do not get to the mall that often, but when I do that is a must have treat! love them when they are hot out of the oven…..yummy!!!!

  303. Bernice Sanchez | | Reply

    One of my best childhood memories was going to get pretzels at the mall. My favorite has always been the cinnamon sugar.

  304. Eric | | Reply

    there’s nothing better than the original Auntie Anne’s pretzel. It is good all by itself or with some mustard dip! 🙂

  305. Delaney | | Reply

    My favorite PRETZEL is the cinnamon sugar one! It is so sweet and soft! I love Auntie Annes pretzels so much!

  306. Richard Moberg | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the Original pretzel bites with salt and Marinara sauce on the side! always get a Blue Raspberry lemonade to compliment the pretzel bites.

  307. Ris Garcia | | Reply

    my all time fave is almond and cinnamon sugar.

  308. Leah Kiser | | Reply

    Fave definitely has to be the Almond Pretzel – hints of sweetness, with the amazing dough.

  309. Linda F | | Reply

    The Original Pretzel is my favorite. My favorite memories are going to the mall with my sons and sharing a pretzel with them. That always made shopping more fun!

  310. Kasey williams | | Reply

    I cant go to the mall without getting my cinnamon sugar pretzel bites from auntie annes! Happy national pretzel day to the best pretzel makeRs i know ?

  311. Ellen Plattman | | Reply

    Everytime In college I went to the mall with friends i always got a pretzel and became known as PretZellen because my name is ellen. We still joke about it to this day. My favorite has always been and will remain the Original Pretzel. Now I just want to go to the mall lOL!

  312. Cindy T | | Reply

    Original is the best!

  313. Diana S. | | Reply

    I like the original dipped in cheese or garlic. But i also likd the cinammon sugar when craving somEthing swEet. But rEally, i just like them all! The dough Is so yummy and soft!

  314. Laura Schneider | | Reply

    Ever since I was little I loved Auntie Anne’s, every time my mom and I would go to the mall we would get pretzels. My favorite pretzel has always been the Original and I get one whenever I stop at an auntie Anne’s at an airport or mall.

  315. Abby ramirez | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is origInal! I love auntie anne’s and even attended an Auntie Anne’s business forum! I love being a pretzel Pro!

  316. Lindsey | | Reply

    What does auntie anne’s mean to me? my first auntie anne’s experience was when my mom and I got to visit our best friends in st. louis, mo. we drove from ohio to see them, and the cinnamon sugar pretzel was our treat during our first shopping trip! it was such a special and fun trip, and it became a tradition to visit, shop, and eat a cinnamon sugar pretzel! i can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia now when my husband and i stop into auntie anne’s at our local mall. And…i’m still partial to the cinnamon sugar pretzel! YUM!

    so, in a nutshell, auntie anne’s means fun, friends, and fabulous treats 🙂

  317. Ellen Plattman | | Reply


  318. Dianne M.Kurtz | | Reply

    I LOVE Auntie Annes cinnamon sugar pretzel.I have loved this particular pretzel for over 25 years.It’s the only pretzel I will eat.

  319. Nathan Burton | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel are the original nuggets!!

  320. Darcy MOtt | | Reply

    Just not sure you can beat the original auntie anne’s pretzel… Butter, mmmm. Salt, mmmm. PRetzel, mmmm. 🙂

  321. Sylvia | | Reply

    The original is always a favorite!

  322. Nazia rahman | | Reply

    I love Auntie Anne’s Pretzels! I count my calories the days I go to the mall so that I can enjoy a pretzel or two (and some dip) without the guilt 😉 I love me some almond crunch with CARAMEL sauce. Now I want some.

  323. Jeffrey | | Reply

    Sour cream and onion will be my forever favorite.

  324. Megan | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon sugar pretzel and how every bite is coated in it

  325. violet deravanesian | | Reply

    Nothing more stress relieving than a cinnamon sugar pretzel after a long day at work! love you guys!

  326. ChaNtal | | Reply

    Everytime i go to the mall i have to have an Auntie annes pretzel! I love the original & the pepperoni pretzel!

  327. Kalei beckford | | Reply

    My favorite pretzel is the cinnamom sugar nuggets because they just give Me a sudden Kick of energy. Its so good that when im done with tHe pretzels i eat the rest of the sugar at tge bottom of the cup. Thank you for making such a good sNack

  328. Alexandra rodriguez | | Reply

    First time I got auntie ANNE’S it was In the mall 7ish years ago with MY then boyfriend now husband. We decided to share and I so badly wanted to eat them all… original minis with cheese! Now I don’t share at all.

  329. Diane allie | | Reply

    Pretzel bites and pretzel dogs… can’t go wrong;)


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