National Pretzel Day is April 26 – Get Ready, Get Rewarded.

Posted by Chas Kurtz on  April 12, 2016 |

Register by 11:59 PM EDT April 25 for a Sweet Treat.

This year, Auntie Anne’s My Pretzel Perks members are getting an exclusive sweet treat. If you don’t already have it, you should get our mobile app.

To sweeten the celebration, on April 26 five lucky app users will be randomly selected to receive free pretzels for a year! See official rules for sweepstakes details.



Want to Win #PretzelPerfect Prizes?

On April 26, we’ll publish a special blog post. When you comment on that post, telling us what your favorite pretzel is – you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win some seriously sweet pretzel swag!

Winners will be selected from blog commenters and announced LIVE at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 PM EDT on April 26, 2016.

Will you comment? Will you win? Visit us here on the It’s How We Roll Blog on April 26 to find out! See official rules for blog contest details.


Remember: You’ll need to comment here on the blog on April 26 to be entered to win some seriously sweet pretzel swag. See you then!

40 comments on “National Pretzel Day is April 26 – Get Ready, Get Rewarded.”
  1. Nicole Flynn | | Reply

    I love Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. My all-time favorite is the Garlic powder with a cup of cheese. I love the cheese you have. Please always keep it.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      You got it, Nicole. Thanks for sharing. That is a tasty pretzel (and dip choice too)!

    • Belinda Brown | | Reply

      I love the cinnamon and sugar pretzels

      • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

        For sure, Belinda. Cinnamon Sugar is delish. Just sayin’, the almond pretzel tho – boy – it’s a pretty unexpected delight to many who prefer our sweeter side. Thanks for sharing!

    • Muthuraman | | Reply

      My all time favorite is cinnamon sugar pretzels

  2. Arlita | | Reply

    I love Auntie Annie’s pretzels butter plain is my all time favorite :-)!

  3. sara | | Reply

    I love cinnamon sugar one, it’s so DELICIOUS… yuuum

  4. Tynia Traymon | | Reply

    My All Time Fabk

    • Tynia Traymon | | Reply

      My Favorite Pretzel Is The Cinnamon Sugar w/ A, Side Of Sweet Glaze !

  5. Sean lewsley | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon sugar Pretzels especially with the sweet glaze dip and a side of mango lemonade!

  6. Sean lewsley | | Reply

    i love cinnamon sugar pretzels with sweet glaze.

  7. Sean Lewsley | | Reply

    I also love the mango lemonade!

    • Tynia | | Reply

      I Accidentally Hit Send Without Completing My Sentence, My Favorite Pretzel Is Cinnamon Sugar Nuggets w/ Sweet Glaze Dip

  8. Jill Stamps | | Reply

    Cinnamon Sugar is my favorite!

  9. Lynn Huffman | | Reply

    Original! It’s buttery delicious!

  10. Lorraine | | Reply

    Original pretzel with hot salsa cheese dip.

  11. Pranav sharma | | Reply

    I LOve original and JALAPEÑOS

  12. Serena silverstein | | Reply

    My absolute addiction is original with salt and a cup o cheese. all about the cheese!! I wouldn’t turn away a cheddar stuffed nugget either, just sayin’…

  13. Cindy grisso | | Reply

    I work on the second level of the MAll directly above auntie Anne’s…love stopping in for a pretzel or nuggets. The cheddar ones are great!

  14. Sheryl Hirshon | | Reply

    Love the almond pretzels!

  15. Anabel Ramirez | | Reply

    Cinnamon & Sugar my all time favorite!!

  16. Stephanie | | Reply

    I really love the original and the nuggets pretzel.

  17. TIARA ANTHONY | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon and sugar pretzel…it’s delicious!!!

  18. Charles caudill | | Reply

    Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzel Nuggets make my day so much sweeter! 😉

  19. deidra | | Reply


  20. Jessica Fowler | | Reply

    What’s more awesome than aunt Annie’s pretzels, aunt Annie’s pretzel swag (might be a toss up actually) love your pretzels!

  21. CC | | Reply

    Great PRETZELS!

  22. Victoria Iannone | | Reply


  23. Micaela alles | | Reply

    I love auntie annes!! My first pretzel was the cinnamon with Carmel sauce and it was the best pretzel I had ever had. I go to auntie Anne’s every time I go to the mall and it’s still just as great!

  24. Angie Rose | | Reply

    I love the cinnamon pretzel.

  25. Jamal alam | | Reply

    I like it very much is great snack mouth watering cinnamon pretzel.

  26. Paul G. | | Reply

    My favorite and most delicious pretzel by Auntie Annes is Almond.

  27. Dominique | | Reply

    My favorite preztel from auntIe anne’s iS the cinnamon sugar! It is so delicious just the right amount sugar and cinnamon with every bite!!! Yum?

  28. Ann Keefe | | Reply

    it is so wonderful to return from an international trip and seeing an auntie anne’s in the airport. salted pretzel bites and a coke mean i am home!

  29. Abby ramirez | | Reply

    I first had an auntie anne’s pretzel at the mall! It was a pepperoni pretzel and it Became my new fAvorite! I love the auntie anne’s company and even attended an Auntie anne’s entreprenurs forum in orlando, flOrida! Everyone from auntie anne’s was so awesome. Also, i learned How to make their pretzels! I love being a pretzel pro!

  30. Jonathan | | Reply

    My favorite is pepperoNi.

  31. Pa gris | | Reply

    We love your pretz! Sp treat whe we go the mall!
    Wjt as well kids cookie break has them ar there fest

  32. Judyann | | Reply

    I love AunTie Annes pretzels! My favorite is the salted with nacho cheese or the cinnamon & sugar pretzel!

  33. ALEXANDRA Rodriguez | | Reply

    I love the hot dog minis with cheese, while shopping it keeps me happy and the kids quiet…


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