People Behind the Pretzels; Taryn Keller, Manager

Posted by Taylor Conroy on  October 19, 2016 |

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is run by some pretty awesome people. From our franchise owners and their crew to the corporate support team members, everyone helps to make Auntie Anne’s a great place to work and an even better place to eat.

We want to give credit where credit is due, so we’re highlighting some of the people that make Auntie Anne’s so special.


Meet Taryn Keller, Manager.

Taryn is a manager at one of our corporate-owned locations in our home state of Pennsylvania. She’s also a business student at Millersville University and hopes to continue her career with Auntie Anne’s upon graduation. We recently took some time to talk with her about her experience working with us, and what it’s like being a manager.

  • Taylor Conroy: How long have you worked with Auntie Anne’s?

     Taryn Keller: I have worked for Auntie Anne’s for 9 years.  I started with a franchisee, and then corporate bought that store almost 4 years ago. Then, I was transferred to my current store where I’m now a manager.


  • TC: What have you learned in that time?

     TK: During my time at Auntie Anne’s I have learned to have patience and when you have fun doing your job you will actually enjoy coming to work.


  • TC: What is one part of your job you love?

taryn-keller     TK: I love constantly meeting new people.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a new employee or just a new customer, it’s always nice to get to know someone better.


  • TC: Do you think you’ve gained valuable experience by working at Auntie Anne’s?

     TK: I believe everything I learn at Auntie Anne’s is valuable.  Since I was only 15 when I started here, I feel that I have the work ethic I do today because of Auntie Anne’s.  I also can usually take away something from everything I do, whether it be learning from my mistakes or just learning something new.


  • TC: What is something you’ve learned from being a manager?

     TK: I have been in the manager position for just over a year now and during that time I have learned that you can’t always predict everything.  I can think that everything is going perfectly in my store, then all of the sudden something changes and doesn’t go as you expected. You just have to roll with the punches.


  • TC: Any advice you have for other store managers on how to be a successful manager?

     TK: My advice for other store managers would be to enjoy every day and try not to let the little things get to you.


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