Throwback Thursday

Posted by Chas Kurtz on  September 21, 2017 |

It’s #tbt and at Auntie Anne’s we love reminiscing about how it all started. Did you know that “Auntie” Anne is a real person? Or that the first Auntie Anne’s location was in a farmers market? Read on to learn how Auntie Anne’s rose to become the world’s largest hand-rolled soft pretzel chain.

In 1988, “Auntie” Anne Beiler began selling pretzels to support her husband Jonas’ vision of opening a family counseling center. She bought a stand at a farmers market in Downingtown, PA, and began selling the same Original pretzels that we all know and love today. In 1989, the company started franchising and by 1992, the 100th Auntie Anne’s store was opened!

“Auntie” Anne and Jonas Belier eventually sold the company in 2005 to fully devote themselves to their vision of opening a family counseling center. Today, Auntie Anne’s has more than 1,700 locations operating in 48 states and 25 countries. You can find our stores in shopping malls, outlet centers, airports, train stations, travel plazas, colleges/universities, Walmarts, amusement parks, military bases and food trucks. You can also find our frozen products at super centers and regional grocery chains to enjoy at home.

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