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  •  March 21, 2015 |
    General Update |

    If you plan to host a birthday party, cater an office get together, or provide snacks for a similar event  … you should consider the following points. Heeding them may save you time, bring you joy, and possibly even win you accolades for supreme planning prowess. Here are 6 reasons Auntie Anne’s should cater your next event.

  •  January 28, 2015 |
    General Update |

    Auntie Anne’s has 8 different flavors of Pretzel Perfection.
    Orginal. Cinnamon Sugar. Sweet Almond. Sour Cream & Onion. Roasted Garlic & Parmesan. Pepperoni. Jalapeño. Raisin.

    With this much variety, there’s a pretzel out there for everyone. Take our Pretzel Personality Quiz below to find out which pretzel is the bes […]

  • Finger foods and football: two structures on which America was built.
    The biggest game of the year is quickly approaching, and we’re bringing football fans everywhere the tastiest homemade snack recipes brought to you by the Auntie Anne’s Homemade Baking Mix.
    Our two favorite GameDay recipes are going head-to-head to k […]

  •  December 18, 2014 |
    General Update |

    Christmas is a time for joy. Joy, and last minute shopping.
    The shopping mall has become a Christmas haven. Everywhere you turn, there are touches of holly and colored lights, tinsel and Christmas music galore. When Perry Como sang “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”,  he was probably sitting in a shopping mall, waiting […]

  • With the holiday season in full swing, and Christmas quickly approaching, you’ve gotta sort through the mess of recipes that seem to surround us this time of year. Fortunately, Auntie Anne’s baking mix brings a Christmas bread recipe that stands out among the rest. In just a few easy steps, you can make a delicious homemade t […]

  •  November 25, 2014 |
    Promotions |

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Auntie Anne’s is Baking Spirits Bright! Holiday trivia is back and ready to test your pretzel lovin’ noggin! We’re spreading the pretzel love, and some nuggets of knowledge to keep you jolly through the holiday season.
    Let’s get down to business. There are free pretzels at stake.

  •  November 19, 2014 |
    Travel with Auntie Anne's |

    The holiday season is upon us! It is a time filled with cheer, tidings of comfort and joy, backed up highways and crowded airports. While the holidays are best spent with family and friends, the process of getting there is not always so enjoyable. Auntie Anne’s is here to tell you that you have a chance to escape that travel stress, if […]

  • For many of us, Thanksgiving dinner is all about tradition. There are family recipes that you grow up with, but some recipes need to grow with you. Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stuffing recipe puts a twist on the classic Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, by replacing bread with our famous pretzel dough.
    Your turkey will cluck with delight upon bei […]

  • Auntie Anne’s was founded on the principle of caring for others. That still holds true today. Our vision at Auntie Anne’s is “to passionately serve and positively impact lives, one pretzel and one customer at a time.”
    One way we live out our vision is through our national charitable partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundat […]

  •  September 17, 2014 |
    My Pretzel Perks |

    1. You get a FREE fresh, hot, hand-rolled soft pretzel simply for downloading!
    Do we really even need to give you nine more reasons to make this mobile app part of your hunger-slaying arsenal?? No? Well, we’ll do it anyway…
    2. You’ll be guaranteed at least one birthday present every year.
    A FREE pretzel will find its […]