Spring Has Sprung!

Posted by Chas Kurtz on  March 20, 2016 |

Time to deal with Spring.

You know how we deal with it? Two words: Pretzel and dog.

… Time to take a walk, ain’t it?


You are officially encouraged to put your sunglasses on and proceed to your favorite Auntie Anne’s Pretzels location. ‘Cause life’s too short not to smell the pretzels.

4 comments on “Spring Has Sprung!”
  1. christina sutton | | Reply

    I and my daughter really enjoy eating the pizza and sweet pretzel from you guys. you do a great job keep up the good work.

    • Christopher Drinkut | | Reply

      Thank you! It’s a fun, & delicious, place to be. 😉

  2. Amanda W. young | | Reply

    I like to make my pretzel a specialty. I ask for almond and cinnamon sugar on it and lots of it. With the caramel dip, it’s To die for.

  3. May carvajal | | Reply

    My son ❤️Auntie anne’s


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